Microchip controlled professional firing systems for fireworks

How do I use it?

Grounds - we saved the amount of clamps and the module has four grounds only. All these clamps are interconnected so you can choose each one you need or you can use one ground clamp for all the e-matches and save long wires to each connected e-match.

For example with one ground for each four e-matches:

Or one ground for each eight e-matches:

Firing - If you need to fire concrete cue, push the letter on the remote first and next the cue number. If you don't change the firing module, easy push the next number only. If you want to fire one cue on all the firing modules together, easy push the letter twice and the command will go to all the firing modules together.

Firing together - You can change the letter on each firing module or more modules can have the same letter and fire the same cues together.

Bigger case - Some users put the firing modules into bigger cases with the batteries and bigger clamps.

connector detail

MerlinEasy - entry fireworks wireless firing system

The easiest entry into our product line. This system offers the cheapest cue on a wireless system, but with big firing power, easy change of the aerial antennas and very low power consumption.


System description:

Principle schematics:


Small plastic cases, remote control has 32 pushbuttons for firing, STOP, GET READY, A, B, C, D - select firing module. Each module can be programmed by user as A-D. So you can fire more modules parallel or separately. Each cue has own LED for continuity testing (a solid connection to an e-match via a circuit loop) after switch-on.

The transmissions are coded with special safety code, so you can't fire the cue with another remote control or another device.