Microchip controlled professional firing systems for fireworks

Easy work...

Firing - When you are ready to fire, simply push the "G" button. This "Get ready" button switches on the firing voltage in the concrete module (or for all the modules). Button "S" immediately turns off the voltage. And as long as firing voltage is manually switched off, you can test your firing commands and watch the flashes on the cues' LEDs instead of firing anything. This is great for dry runs or when you want to perfect your timing.

Safety - To power on the device, you will need to to insert a special key into the remote controller. This also allows for the charger to begin working, as well.

MerlinEasy remote control

On Remote control are these controls:

A removable aerial antenna is with a standard BNC connector is included so you can use a high-gain antenna with coaxial cable.

If you want to fire cue#1 on module B, you push button 'B' and next '1'. If you then want to fire cue#12 on module 'B', you push button '12'. You needn't push 'B' while you're firing on the same module.

If you need to fire the same cue on all firing modules, you can push one of the A-D buttons two times and all the yellow LEDs turns on, allowing the command to go to all the modules together. You can toggle this mode by pushing the A-D button one more time.

Remote controller includes an internal battery. The charger for this is located in our accesories section.