Microchip controlled professional firing systems for fireworks

Why MelinFireIII..?

Plastic case - The mew MFIII is waterproof and easier for transportation.

Cheaper per cue - The technology is better and we can offer more cues in smaller case.

Better cue' distribution - Three cases are better than one with many cues.

Bigger power - 50 VDC is much more power than 24 VDC, but it's safe for touch.


MerlinFireII - older version of the MerlinFire system

This system isn't in the production more. We'll deliver all older ordered systems or for special new order. MerlinFireII has MerlinFire communication protocol, fires with 24 VDC, standard version has 32 cues, extended version has 64 cues.

On the MerlinFireII we tested a lot of hardware details, which were used on the MerlinFireIII later. Development of the 22-Ohms FireLine was designed on this module firstly.

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