Microchip controlled professional firing systems for fireworks


Substituability - If something happens with the Interface, you can easy insert the cable to each other MerlinFireIII Master module and he serves as a Interface between the PC and the firing network. You need the PC-to-cable Interface. This cable interface is nice for the work in your office, where you don't want to work with the Interface and strong wireless signal near your body.

More Interfaces - MerlinFire supports up to three Interfaces in one network. Each can have own network number and can be used as a backup or extended FIREx buttons.

Easy firing - FIREx pushbutton can be programmed for firing concrete cue on concrete module or all modules or for starting concrete sequence on concrete module or all modules. You can switch on the 'fire&increment' option and after each pushing will be the number of the cue (or sequence) incremented. So you don't need 100 pushbuttons for 100 cues. Easy push and push and push...

Power supply - Even if the Interface has internal battery, you can insert the charger into the module and leave it inserted during all the work. So you don't need to check the status of the battery.


Interface module

This unit serves as easy firing panel or as a brigde between the PC and the firing network. You can fire without PC, but the PC can be used on the firing place as monitor for easy monitoring of the status of the firing modules.

If you run under SMPTE, the Interface converts the SMPTE signal into the internal synchro timing and send it via network.

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