Microchip controlled professional firing systems for fireworks

Wireless or wired?

Reliability - Each wire is better than any possible wireless. That's physics.

Wired range - Depends on the quality of the double-wire. Commonly is the maximum length about 1.6 km, we tested two times more and succesfully.

Wireless range - Depends on many conditions - weather, terrain, height above ground, disturbations, transmission speed, etc.

Hybride connection - Sometimes you need to combine both connections: you have to go over thick wall where you have to use wired connection and next you need to go over river. You can combine wired and wireless in one network as you like.


MerlinFireIII - Our Premier High-end Shooting System

This is our third generation product from our MerlinFire line. It is the culmination of our experiences from a long hardware development history.

The firmware and software for this system is under constant development, as many customers have come to us with great ideas that we try to integrate into the product.

Product Overview:

The system can be set up in a number of ways:

Basic configuration: wireless, Interface connected to the PC
basic wireless

Wired configuration: all modules communicate and fire through physical cable
basic wired

Modification: One slave only, the interconnection cables are connected together, without PC
one Slave only

Modification: Control via FireLine from another firing system
with FireLine

More ways: More Interfaces, something wireless, somethig wired, some modules without Slaves or with one Slave only