Microchip controlled professional firing systems for fireworks


Temperature range - It's professioal system with industrial temperature range -25 up to +80 Celsius degress.

Longer cables possible - You can interconnect the Slave's cables or you can order longer cables in our company. If you want to save the money for the shipment of heavy cables, you can order the connectors only.

Slaves - Each one has 30 cues, you can't change the Slave A and Slave B. You can close the cover with the e-match wires connected.

Power supply - Master has internal 50V DC battery. No CD/CD charger, very powerful battery only.

Quality connectors - Not cheap, but these heavy-duty military connectors with the covers are waterproof. The problem in the connection isn't in the water, but in the chemicals in the water included. After the water evaporates, these salts corrode the contacts and sink the reliability. Therefore we don't use cheap Centronics, Cannon or other connectors which are designed for indoor use only.

Communication conectors - You can choose how much pins you use. With 2 wires you can make the basic cable connection (or you can make this same connection from the DATA clamp). With three pins you can have the GND in the cable and compensat the possible voltage differences on longer distances where the far module can be under high-voltage wires, mobile phone transmitter, etc. With four wires you can control remote switch on/off on the module, but the power supply goes from the internal battery. This is good if the module is on very hard accessible places such as under stages, on the constructions, behind the walls, etc. With the all five wires you can add the possibility of external backup power supply.

Firing module

This unit is divided into three parts. You can use this master unit as a standalone solution, but you can't have slave units without having this master unit, as well. Located within the master unit is the battery, main computer board, and communications unit. Slaves have simple electronic circuits only. It's not necessary to use both slaves everytime. And if your project requires it, you can interconnect the cables between the Master and Slave to get the cable longer.

There are the following elements on the Master module: