Microchip controlled professional firing systems for fireworks


Safety - You can set up your own safety code for the network communication. If you'll use another modules (lent), you set the safety code to yours and all the modules will work in the network together. This code must be set up in cable mode and you've to know the manufacture code. So there's no way to change the code or fire something from wireless Interface which isn't yours.

More options - You can switch on/off the beepers in the MerlinFireIII system (module beeps in different ways if it's switched on, fires, etc.), set up the network number, switch on/off the autoactivation, etc.

Firing - The firing and start panels can be opened together and you can combine all the firing modes - starting of the sequences, fire some cues, fire backup&emergency cues, etc. In the full version you can prepare simple programme of cues and sequences, which you can step-by-step run.

FIREx buttons - These buttons on the Network monitor can be set up, tested and uploaded into the Interface. You can use them for the backup or for the whole show starting.

Stopwatch - Can be started with the first starting or firing and indicate the actual time.

With or without PC - The PC can be used for programming only, as a monitor or for full control of the show. It's on you only. Some users preferre firing without Windows, some users freferre comfortable desktop.

Development - The programme has a lot of aids and setting-ups that are not possible to describe in detail on this page. Moreover, the programme is undergoing various improvements and other new functions are being supplemented in order to provide maximum comfort for professional firing of fireworks.

MerlinFire software

This software has two versions: basic and full choreography. Basic version is free of cost and offers all necessary basic functions for programming, testing and setting up. Many customers shoot with the basic version only. Full choreography offers easier programming more modules, creation of the show directly on the loaded soundtrack, saving sequences into database for future easier use and some tools more.

The programme is designed in such a way that anything can be adapted, changed, added, etc. If we publish new version, the customer will get upgrade for firmware of all modules he has. Upgrade of the firmware is easy procedure. You need the PC, software and the unit only.

Basic version:

You can use the most important tools for finding the module on the network, reading the connected e-matches, internal battery status, creation of the sequences, upload settings&programmes into the module, etc.

Basic version can be used for direct cue firing or direct sequence starting. You can select the module (or all the network) for which is the command sent and if you have touchscreen, you can fire direct from your LCD.

Creation of the sequence in the basic version is simple:

Full choreography version:

You can use all the basic tools, but you have much more. You can save the sequences into the database and easy use them in the choreography. Creation of the sequences is easier, you can choose the effects from the database with drag&drop.

With help of the effects database you create the whole show on the soudtrack.