Microchip controlled professional firing systems for fireworks

Why not get into production shooting some more?

MerlinMatchSE - this product is cheaper and each shooter or pyrotechnician can build his/her own firing unit

Expensive case - the ultra-high quality aluminium case was made at CNC Machines and was very expensive to manufacture



Professional sequencer with MerlinFire communication port. It can be used with MerlinFireII, MerlinFireIII, MerlinMatchSE in one network or can be programmed like common MerlinMatch in stand-alone mode. MerlinFireII has 32 cues, an internal battery, aluminium case, making this unit easy to transport by air cargo with the technician or shooter.

Note: This sequencer isn't in production anymore, but it can be assembled if a special request is made. To program this unit, use the included MerlinFire software.