Microchip controlled professional firing systems for fireworks


Why? If you want to make the firings of one-shot effects in perfect steps, the digital firing is the only way. But our sequencer is a computer - you can create more sequences, each sequence can include non-proportional times so you can fire some part of the show (or whole small show) and fire mixture of the cakes, roman candles, display shells, etc.

Grounds - MerlinMatch uses the same e-match connecttion system like MerlinEasy. Please watch the website with the MerlinEasy description.

More modules together? Yes! You don't need to lead separate wires from the control panel to each MerlinMatch. You can use the same double-wires and set up the triggering impulses on each module separately. It's easy.

What's FireLine? It's triggering input. You can use the impulse 8-200 VDC, but 80 mA at minimum (continuity current on many panels can't start the module). If the impulse will come, module checks if it's the right number of the impulse and starts the programmed sequence even if soe other sequence is running (running sequence isn't stopped, both sequences will fire together). FireLines can be interconnected in series or in parallel. If you've no panel, you can take the voltage from the battery and use the remote switch only. This is perfect for small fireworks on the pallet.

Battery - maintenance-free lead-acid are very good. If you use 12 VDC 1.2 Ah, the module will work many hours or can be in iddle few days. If you ahve more modules, you can distribute the power supply from one place (control room) with one big-cappacity battery. Each module generates own firing voltage so you can omit the power loss on the cables.

MerlinMatch - stand-alone digital sequencer


Small plastic case, programming through USB/RS232 from PC, easy. If you need 'dead-man-switch' we have for you a small special box between the battery and the power input connector. The box can supply up to 10 MerlinMatches, has 3-pin connector for the cable with pushbutton and connector for programming (the same communication cable like for MerlinMatch). Pushbutton has LED - if the led lits, you have some seconds to push the button. All the times you can setup in the software and store in the module.

Common connection schematics:

More MerlinMatches on the same double-wire:
schematics more modules