Microchip controlled professional firing systems for fireworks


Continuity test - By pressing the TEST button on the remote control, the module will gauge the clamps and display those cues where the fuses are on the LED matrix. If a little siren of the package is inserted in the communication connector, we will hear a one-second tone.

Standby - As soon as the module computer reaches a standstill, it will switch to hibernation, i. e. the mode of a minimum consumption and in this state the accumulator lasts for many hours. It is "awoken" from the state by any new signals from the remote control.

PC connection - You can connect the module to the PC through RS232 cbale or USB.

Firing module

On the upper panel, there are the following components:

firing module

Body is waterproof. Internal battery has own charge-watchdog, also is maitenance free.