Microchip controlled professional firing systems for fireworks


The key - To switch on the control the activation key needs to be inserted into the bottom connector.

Simulation - If the firing module is not ready for firing, a corresponding LED in the matrix on the firing module will light after pressing one of the 24 position buttons. As soon as the module is ready for firing, pressing the buttons causes firing the positions or activating the time sequences.

Get ready - By pressing two buttons located on the opposite sides of the control simultaneously, the firing module will be ready for firing. It is necessary to press the buttons with two fingers. After this activation, firing voltage is switched on in the module and we can start firing.

Stop - By pressing the STOP button, the firing voltage will switch off and a prospective firing of any other activated sequences will stop.

It is not possible to press two buttons at a time (with the exception of the buttons for firing activation). It might cause undesirable combination and firing of another position than the required one. If we want to fire more e-matches at the same time, we have to have them connected to one position only.

MerlinStep's remote control

On the remote control, there are the following components:

remote controller