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Technology changes...
...and we follow

Merlin was established in 1992 as a company focused on fireworks, advertising and printing technologies.

By 1996 we started development of our own e-firing systems, based on microchip technologies that were designed in-house.

Over time, we shot many fireworks displays where we tested and improved our hardware and software. But during the end of 2007, Merlin began having difficulties with our suppliers of assembled circuit boards. This led us to rethink our business practices, and in 2008 we switched suppliers. During August of the same year, we purchased our own Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly machine, which was mounted and brought online by the end of 2008. Finally, we separated our electronics division from the parent company and established MERLIN Electronic Ltd. at a new location. Now Merlin is completely independent of suppliers for our printed circuits boards.

The new SMT technology allows us to achieve perfect quality production at a faster assembly rate. Because we are able to produce exceptional electronic components, Merlin offers a three year warranty on all products assembled after January of 2009.

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